Cardano Is Now on Cryptal

We are very excited to offer ADA on Cryptal now! Cardano represents more than just another crypto coin and a new blockchain. The Cardano ecosystem is built to support transparent and secure transactions using an efficient proof-of-stake consensus.

In Georgia, Cardano also supports a number of innovative projects. Georgia’s Cardano Foundation Ambassador, Andrew Thornhill, recently hosted the Tbilisi Cardano Summit in coordination with the worldwide Cardano Summit to show off some of the exciting work being done with Baia’s Wine and their track & trace program, among other impressive efforts.

“Cryptal’s news is very welcome to all of the happy ADA holders and Cardano followers! The Cardano Foundation has increasing focus on the country of Georgia and we are looking forward to working with all of you. Congratulations to Cryptal for helping to complete the digital eco-system in Georgia!”

— Andrew Thornhill, Cardano Foundation Ambassador to the country of Georgia

Cryptal is proud to support Cardano’s growth and innovation. We celebrated with our crypto community and listed ADA on Cryptal, which is one of the brightest and fastest-growing coins, along with offering a special airdrop to our most loyal customers that we hope will promote the adoption of Cardano in the Georgian Economy.



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Khvicha Kopinadze

CEO, Cryptal Exchange. I am a true believer in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. My background is in the venture capital industry, supporting fintech companies.